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SINCE THE RAMA EXHIBITION ‘s smashing success at the WORLD PREMIERE at the 2016 UCN WORLD CONSERVATION CONGRESS in Honolulu, THE RAMA EXHIBITION original wildlife thangka paintings have been on display at Mokupāpapa Discovery Center (MDC). MOKUPĀPAPA was established to interpret and share the extraordinary natural science, Hawaiian culture, beauty, and history of PAPAHANAUMOKUAKEA NATIONAL MARINE MONUMENT, (a World Heritage-listed United States monument) with residents and visitors.
Since most people will never have the opportunity to visit these remote islands, Mokupapapa Discovery Center on Hilo's famous Bayfront brings the place to the people to spur awareness of the archipelago, its 7,000 species in pelagic and deepwater habitats, and the critical need for ocean conservation.

 An International Traveling Exhibition of Endangered Species 
Dedicated to the Children of the World by Calley O'Neill with Rama the Elephant 
Speaking Passionately on Behalf of Those who Cannot Speak
 Mokupāpapa Discovery Center.
The interspecies RAMA EXHIBITION amplifies this work through a powerful impact in a heart awakening experience of art, ecology, and Hawaiian culture. These unique 5' by 7' mixed media works of art by the local conservation and cultural artist Calley O’Neill and her partner RAMA THE ELEPHANT that painted the world’s best abstracts move people into an eye-opening awareness of the realities of our environmental crisis. The purpose of THE RAMA EXHIBITION is to spark visitors' innate love of the Earth (biophilia) and knowledge of the tragedy of the ecological and climate crises into ACTION. We have this window of opportunity to restore our healthy relationship with nature and make a difference.

On your trip to Hawai'i, this is a not to be missed destination. Bring your family to experience this rare museum-quality exhibition, and please take your time! By standing in front of each of these paintings, you can feel the very breath and energy of a magnificent, intelligent endangered species Asian elephant that painted on behalf of all endangered species. If you stand in silence, you can receive the hidden message ~ a direct transmission from the species depicted. They ask you, while here, to make a difference, and then to go home and take care of your waters and your land on behalf of all life.

The time is now, and our potential to participate in the restoration of nature is limitless. Your contribution is essential!