An International Traveling Exhibition
By Calley O’Neill and The Rama Team, Featuring RAMA, the Artist Elephant
Featured Artist at the IUCN World Conservation Congress
Hawai'i  2016

This is a unique INTER-SPECIES art project, with one of the major team players being the late Rama of the Portland Zoo, who painted with Calley O'Neill with the help of his keeper, Jeb Barsh, for six years to create the canvas backgroouds for each of the 36 paintings in The Rama Exhibition.  Click here to learn more about Rama
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Visit the gallery featuring each of the original Rama paintings as they are completed
THE RAMA EXHIBITION, A JOURNEY OF ART AND SOUL FOR THE EARTH, is a groundbreaking interspecies exhibition of art and ecology celebrating biodiversity ~ the variety of life that sustains us. We are thrilled to announce that The Rama Exhibition World Premiere at the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) at the World Conservation Congress, Planet at the Crossroads, Hawai’i, 2016 was a resounding success! We reached 10,000 conservation leaders from 192 nations. In its nearly seventy-year history, it was the first time the nature summit was held in the United States.  Rama Exhibition World Premiere 

Speaking Passionately on Behalf of Those who Cannot Speak
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Visit the Grotto of Hope, the stained glass chapel which will feature 36 stained glass windows
Upon seeing artist elephant RAMA paint with keeper Jeb Barsh, conservation artist Calley O’Neill saw a compelling vision of an international traveling exhibition on endangered species. In collaboration with Rama, Calley and an innovative team of artists are creating an immersive experience of large wildlife thangka paintings, sound, light, a stained glass biodiversity chapel, wildlife prayer wheels, The Animal Wheel and Action Room. 

The exhibition conveys a penetrating experience of what we are losing, while pointing to the healthy future we will create. The work speaks passionately on behalf of those who cannot speak. The Rama Exhibition is a call to action that takes visitors on an important journey to feel what’s happening to life on Earth, and why it’s essential to preserve it.

Our goal is a wildly successful worldwide exhibition stirring people’s innate love of life and triggering an immediate shift in awareness. What we love, we will protect. It is our intention that visitors leave with a conviction of the heart, aware that our actions will determine the quality of life on Earth for the foreseeable future.